Friday, September 28, 2007 

nonsense arguments..

i guess some non-christian mylotters are trying to contradict every idea and thought i have responded in a discussion about the illegality of abortion and the innocence of an unborn child.. i tried to understand their points but i just dont really get it right.. we really have different points of view which really lead us to some arguments.. they dont understand my premises and i dont think they even tried to. Maybe some of my points are not that right but still i'll stand and stick with my own view for that particular discussion..

one funny yet stupid reason why they stand for the legality
of abortion is this, quoted:
"Do you cry everytime you squash a bug, or disinfect
your counter, or take antibiotics? Bugs and bacteria are alive, but
killing them isn't murder, wrong or illegal."

how could they ask me such nonsense question?! how could they compare the value of human life to bacteria, bugs, whatsoever unholy?! crazy, right?!

anyway, to view more of the discussion i've been talking about, just visit the link:

my reply to the topic is posted in the 3rd page of the discussion..

just really got pissed off..!!

if ever you have visited the link, please share your views here.. your views will help me understand more about my premises and their premises that really contradict..

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Saturday, September 22, 2007 

the cry of the innocents

someone had sent me an email just this afternoon showing some pictures of aborted fetus/child.. i really never expected and realized before that this is what actually happens to a child killed INTENTIONALLY in its mother's womb..

the life of a human being, including the unborn child, is precious in the eyes of God. and as a christian we are taught not to kill or commit murder, that's actually the 6th rule God has commanded us which concerns the protection of human life..

but i guess abortion, the deliberate killing of unborn child, is the greatest evil deed existing nowadays. The innocents, the unwanted, the unloved are crying and asking for help and protection because they want to see the beauty of life, the beauty of the world that God had created. but the evil act of killing them when they are still in the womb of its mother hinders them to realize their existence. They never had the chance to be happy, to play, to laugh..

I cant understand why there are people who can dare to kill their own child?! sad thing but that's a fact.. i just hope all of you who have read this is not among those that committed this serious and heinous crime or at least planned or is planning to do this stupid thing.. if you did well, SHAME ON YOU!!!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007 

one step forward from our title defense!

im back.. just never have time to open and visit my blog because im too occupied these past few days..

hmmmm..... (inhale! exhale!)

four consecutive hard days and sleepless nights really suck!!! that's what i really experienced just recently doing those documentations for our thesis' defense.. well, no choice but to follow and do those tasks.. im just a student trying to do all those things our professors are asking us to do just to get a stupid grade.. really got tired of all these school requirements..

anyway during the defense yesterday, as always, nervousness hit me again.. but after, its just good to hear when our panelists told our group that we've made a good project documentation.. well, somehow i felt good.. thanks for that appreciation dear panelists!

atlas, the defense for project title proposal is over but hey, this is not the end of the whole thing, we still have to do the project, i mean the system itself and some additional documentation.. again, student life really sucks..!

am i making sense here?! i guess im just too tired of everything..! dont know what i am saying.. crazy me!

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Thursday, September 13, 2007 

popcorn lung disease

"Microvable popcorn fumes may cause lung cancer".. yes, i have actually read that line from google headline news just last week.. and upon reading the news title, i really cant figure it out how a popcorn can cause a serious and dangerous disease, the commonly called big C, or simply cancer.. but anyway, according to my readings, one pulmonary specialist believed that his certain patient developed lung disease from the fumes of microwavable popcorn that he consumed almost everyday for one year.. there i realized the disease was not actually developed because of too much eating of popcorn but a too much exposure to the chemical fumes.. though a doctor said that they cant really confirm that the patient's exposure to butter flavored popcorn from daily preparation has really caused his lung cancer, the doctor also explained they dont have any plausible reasons how the disease was developed in the patient's system..

as quoted from the google news, the doctors are just alerting the people with this:
"exposure to food flavor chemicals is not just killing workers, but may also be causing disease in people exposed to food flavor chemicals in their kitchens"..

chemicals can really be harmful so be careful in exposing too much to the chemicals around you, this goes especially to workers exposed to chemicals used in foods..

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optical illusions best observed with a headphone or speaker turned on

try to check this one.. maybe some of you are already familiar with these illusions and answered the questions tagged below the images' illusion right.. but for those who have not seen this yet, better view this and say whatever you want to say regarding the list of optical illusions in the link..

try this!

Get the code at

so guys, how you find the illusions?!

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Saturday, September 8, 2007 

one should be unfair to be fair and be treated unfair for them to be fair

i actually read this line in one of the response in the discussion i've started in mylot..

confusing line, right? but this exactly the line i am trying to construct, thinking about some emotions that hit me these past few months.. i have the idea but this certain mylotter got not only the idea but the exact words too.. intelligent guy, he is..! LOL!

but anyway, i guess its not always good to follow what you think is right.. i mean you're doing the right thing for yourself but unintentionally or maybe intentionally, you are causing pain and hurt to other people.. simply speaking, doing the right thing does not always bring the good thing..

reality bites and we really have to think and do actions not only for our own good but for others around us as well..

**whoever got the chance to read this post, i want to know what's your view on this.. i will appreciate the pros and cons of this discussion.. thank you..

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i've been a member of mylot community for few months now.. interested as i am to the program, cant really help it but get myself involve habitually in replying to an ample interesting topics or even start some discussions stuck in my mind.. indeed, its quite addicting.. i am claiming it really kills my time just reading and replying to discussions posted there but hey, what's even more interesting is that i am earning from this addiction..

so here i am inviting you all to join this growing online community and use this hobby to make money.. just participate on discussions you find interesting.. thousand and million topics are posted all throughout the site or if you want, you can even start your own discussion and let mylotters respond to whatever topic you have posted..

just give it a try and enjoy it as i do..

you can start participating in mylot by registering an account through the link below..

hope you can make it and get in trend online..

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Friday, September 7, 2007

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try this now and make use of the power of internet to earn online.. signing up under the account posted will be well appreciated.. thank you very much..

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Thursday, September 6, 2007 

something stupid..

i really cant understand how minds of people work these days.. i just recently read a news about something trendy in a certain country/state nowadays.. you cant imagine this but its actually a skin carving, not just an ordinary tattoo that uses ink to paint some design in your skin.. with this, they literally carve your skin if you want to have some design on it.. really crazy thing.. no guts to try things like this..

are you into this trend too? or atleast will you dare to try this one?

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dog and cat: enemies no more..

just found this in youtube and realized dogs and cats can indeed be lovers too.. is this what the saying, the more you hate the more you love, actually means..? as if born as enemies but as time passes by become lovers, a perfect couple may be..

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the Ping Pong Song

i really like to listen to Enrique Iglesias' Do You Know commonly called the Ping Pong Song.. have you heard it too? so how do you find the song..?! its really a cool damn song.. whooah, guess im crazy over it (for now!!)..

anyway, here's a streaming of the Ping Pong song..

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007 

World Rabies Day

September 8, 2007 has been declared as the World Rabies Day. A lot of activities and events will take place around the world including anti rabies vaccination for the animals most likely the dogs and cats. Furthermore, some organizations will do some lectures in order to give awareness of this dangerous disease.

As quoted by Stephen J. Scholand, MD, Co-director of A Rabies Free World, Inc.:

Rabies Free World is focusing its efforts on a program "Swim for a rabies free Philippines" in partnership with the Philippine Department of Health, the Bureau of Animal Health and Industry and other local organizations. The Philippines is badly affected by rabies, with several hundred recorded human deaths per year. Thousands more are afflicted with the fear, pain and suffering of anti-rabies treatment following animal bite injuries. Additionally, countless animals suffer from rabies needlessly. Rabies can be prevented at the most basic level by dog and cat vaccination, which costs little more than one dollar. Experts have estimated it would only cost about 8 million dollars to eradicate rabies from the Philippines. What is lacking is global awareness of the scope of this problem. World Rabies Day plans to focus attention on the rabies problem, so we can rid ourselves of this scourge once and for all.

so lets all be aware of this and participate just by bringing our pets to the nearest designated area where anti-rabies vaccination takes place.. this is a world wide event and vaccinations are i think for free..

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i used to download mp3, music videos, etc. and play it in my media player or winamp.. but i guess its quite a waste of memory space if i continue doing this so its good i found, listing a lot of songs and videos, either local or foreign one..

well, i am introducing to you it is an online community where artists, fans & friends can promote their content, share their music genre, and discover blogs, photos, music and video. you can created your own song selection and listen to it..

instead of downloading mp3, i guess its better if you register to a lot of music online out there, say, and play your fave music or even movie trailers there.. but well i guess this is just applicable when you have unlimited connection to the internet..

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007 

quoted from candy

sometimes you have to wonder if nice guys really exist or at least are they as rare as a doggie with six legs -- you hardly can find one and even if you do, you're never quite sure just how much of an angel he really is.. LOL!!

most of the time, its in the little everyday moments that you'll get to see how genuinely nice a guy is -- the things he does when he thinks no one notices because they really, truly come naturally to him: the way he'd stay on the danger side when you're crossing the street, how he baby his younger sister, how he greets the school's security guard with a fine smile, how he express his frustration in a clean and calm manner.. look beyond the nice shirts and hi-tech cellphone. When you find someone whose actions outshine his appearance, you'll know you've found someone who's worth the long wait, painstaking search for the elusive Mr. Nice Guy..

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Hey, This Is God

Someone introduced this song to me. Upon watching the video, listening to the music, and reading its lyrics, well emotional as i am, i got teary-eyed.. this would really make you think about how was you journeying your life.. maybe i just felt guilty and came up with some realizations.. i was really moved by this song, i guess its really time to change.. God is patiently knocking in our heart..

come to think of it.. are you deserving of the gift of life God had given you? THINK and REFLECT!!

Monday, September 3, 2007 

'd OK SHOW of killerbee 89.1

i am currently listening to killerbee's OK Show with Rod.. actually i've been listening to the funniest radio tandem i've ever known, Rod Rodriguez and Iceman, for almost a year now.. the two guys are really crazy yet so intelligent.. i just cant help it, but laugh and laugh and laugh to the loudest voice i can when listening to those crazy and funny conversations they have every night (mondays-fridays).. anything under the sun, serious talks or nonsense one, they will never make you feel bored, promise..!

anyway, its just so sad that last august 31, 2007, iceman resigned to killerbee 89.1 and have left the country to stay with his wife in japan.. Rod is a great DJ but its really different when two heads are airing every night -- its a lot more fun..

well, hope to hear more of that Rod-Iceman tandem plus the intelligent, crazy talks and ideas shared by Atty T, a lawyer and a killerbee fanatic who usually adds up to the spice of the show..

for now, rock us up Rod..! i will always be a killerbee listener..

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socially inactive..

i really want to make a difference in my simple life.. i easily get jealous to youth who take time to be active in their respective communities -- volunteering in some community works, reaching out to others in need, talking to different people primarily the poor one who could really move us with their life stories..

well actually i did it when im still in high school, i've experienced interacting with people who are really unfortunate in their life. and now i just miss those days when i got to impart basic knowledge to some unfortunate street children, when i got to fed those old people in the home for the aged -- simple things that would really make me feel totally good..

those people indeed made me realize how fortunate i am even though i dont have too much of everything -- too much of money, luxuries, etc.. the thing that i can eat atleast three times a day, nobody's sick in the family, i live in a decent subdivision, i am studying in a good university -- well i guess i should be thankful for that..

so sad that i never got the chance to do those things now.. but excuse me..?! never got the chance or never grab the chance?! hhmmmm... admittedly, never grab it.. LOL..!


How do you find this video?

the first time i saw this video in youtube, i was really surprised.. how could certain people make fun out of Jesus?! undoubtedly, the video is funny but the problem is they portrayed the image of Jesus just to make an imitation-comedy-music video.. Jesus should not be use as a medium for jokes..! don't you find it insulting for christians?

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laziness strikes me..

so many things to do, so many things to attend to but laziness just strikes me over and over again.. how the hell can i fight this sluggish thing inside me?! LOL..! well i guess im just too tired of doing things the best way i could yet nothing happens (status quo? whaaa)... anyway, just felt really disappointed with myself now..

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