Sunday, September 28, 2008 

jobless again

i'll quit my job! actually, i will be deployed in the workplace as real agent now since i just finished all the training as specified in my employment's contract but i'll not be going there anymore.. i will not continue my job and that would mean, I AM JOBLESS AGAIN! idle time, i'm back! LoL! i find it hard to decide on this since i like the workplace, i like my co-agents, i like the people there but honestly and frankly speaking i don't like the job itself and i can't like it and i will not like it ever, that's why i'll quit!

i'll start sending my resume again! wanna be beezee as a bee! whew =)

Saturday, September 27, 2008 

can i have my life's remote control?!

life is really a big bluff! fate is playing a dirty game with me.. is this what they call a challenge to my ignorance?!! my God, i swear i didn't expect this to happen and i am just so surprised to the highest level as in "oh my Lord!".. everything don't seem to sink in me and i don't know myself at all! is this for real or am i just dreaming? how come life is directing me to a totally different path as compared to the way i used to live?! life is really crazy and i'm going crazy too! LoL! i don't know if i made the right decision.. i know there are people who are happy for what's happening to me, but hey you all don't know what's inside me, the fear of uncertainties, i feel like belittling myself! or am i just eaten up by my own immaturity?! my God, i really don't want to do it, sabi ko nga napasubo lang! i hope i have a remote control and just press the rewind button to go back where i was before as if what's happening now does not and will not exist in my storyline!

**this post may appear so vague but that's it 'coz my life is vague itself! haha..

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