Monday, August 18, 2008 


when and how can i get over my addiction?! pangit man isipin but i still don't have the mood to look for a job dahil nga naaadict na ata ako dito! addict sa internet, addict sa psp, addict sa video editing, addict sa asian movies/drama series, addict sa myLot, at ooops... addict sa 'yo?! haha.. joke! pa'no aasenso kung stranded sa addiction?! this is my stagnant life, sabi nga nila status quo! nothing happens! LoL!! i'm hating myself na because of these addictions! pero masaya din pala ang buhay ng isang adiK! haha..

its been a while since i last posted or should i say visited here, kasi nga naaadict ako! urghhh!

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Friday, August 8, 2008 

triple fat 8 date


it's triple 8 today -- 08-08-08! some say its a bad luck since august is a ghost month and lots of ghosts are playing around but majority believe this date is full of good luck, the surrounding's full of blessings.. i don't know which is which 'coz i'm not really a believer of those things.. what a special date to some and i got two wedding invitations scheduled today and attended to only one ceremony.. seems there are lots of couples who vowed today, huh?! meaning, churches are also fully booked! wow, what a triple fat 8 date!

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Thursday, August 7, 2008 

kakaloka ang girl

'lang hiya yung babaeng tambay sa kanto kanina, baliw ata, sinabihan ba naman ako'ng "pakyu!".. shock naman ako, 'lam nyo naman ang lola demure type, 'di sanay sa ganyan! anyway, natakot din ako nun ah! haha..

kung malakas lang sana fighting spirit ko at kung 'di ko lang kilala si GMRC, sinabihan ko na sana siya ng "hu u?", sabay hiram sa linya ni claudine "same to you!"..

kakaloka ang girl! 'di lang pala yung presyo ng binili kong tinapay ang tumaas kanina, pati blood pressure ko tumaas din ata! haha.. early in the morning, kakabadtrip na! hmpff!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008 

they banned me!

i think sponsoredreviews banned me! haha.. because i keep on bidding even if i know my blog does not meet advertiser's requirements at all like the page rank thinggy and the blog category.. i am just a hard-headed, violator SR member! **sigh**

lesson learned! so just a piece of advice to all current SR members as well as to those who are still planning to join SR, don't just bid and bid on so many opportunities without reading first the requirements of the advertisers.. better abide by the rules to have a good stay and smooth money making there! don't be like me! LoL! =(

don't know who to credit for the image, just got it here!

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Saturday, August 2, 2008 

damaged - danity kane

"can you fix my H-E-A-R-T
cause its D-A-M-A-G-E-D"

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Friday, August 1, 2008 

myLot discussion 8.1.08 - love is cruel sometimes. would you agree?

at first i agree with the expression "love hurts" but not until i have puzzled things out about that very common expression! almost all of us are familiar of those two words and to some, familiar of the feeling itself! you said it right, it is nice to fall in love, its an unexplainable feeling as if describing it as being happy is an understatement. being in love causes you in euphoria, so ecstatic -- an extreme happiness is what you feel when you're in love, right? so based on that feeling it can give you, love is so good! but admit it or not, when you love, you also hope that that very person you love will also love you even just a bit.. you hope from the smallest thing until that person gives you a hundred percent of what your ideal expectation from him/her.. as you love, you have the tendency that your hope grows too. so basically, when you love, you also hope.. BUT if one day, you feel that one of your hopes is broken, there you get the expression that "love hurts".. come to think of it! its not actually love that hurts you, rather, its your hope that hurt you! when you hope too much, you'll get hurt too much!

to sum it up, for me, LOVE DOES NOT HURT, IT IS HOPE THAT HURTS!

discussion starter: myLot member malouisa
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