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Tuesday, August 5, 2008 

they banned me!

i think sponsoredreviews banned me! haha.. because i keep on bidding even if i know my blog does not meet advertiser's requirements at all like the page rank thinggy and the blog category.. i am just a hard-headed, violator SR member! **sigh**

lesson learned! so just a piece of advice to all current SR members as well as to those who are still planning to join SR, don't just bid and bid on so many opportunities without reading first the requirements of the advertisers.. better abide by the rules to have a good stay and smooth money making there! don't be like me! LoL! =(

don't know who to credit for the image, just got it here!

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mukatawa ko dai? o dili nlng.. hihihihi..


nkatawa nlng man ko ani dai so katawa nlng pud! haha..

hi friend last week i ve also applied for the sponsered review but they rejecred my website also but i reduced the amount for bidding approval nd subscribed nd 2days back i got approved.....

gurl ask lang can u really get an ads from that site using the phils address.. kasi sa payperpost kakaunti lang eh, or shall i say wala talaga for the phils

@ josephgopi

congrats! start your money making there! dont forget to follow the rules! LoL!

@ anne

yup, daming opportunites dun available for philippine-resident bloggers compared to ppp.. slow din nga earnings ko sa ppp eh! hehe..

just try to submit your blog there!

gurl salamat ng marami i will try to submit my blog tomorrow hehehehe

good mowning to u there gurl, yup I was once a call center agent. pero resign na almost 3 years ako sa cct sa may obrero... pero naun have plans to apply in western wats sana matanggap hehehe

huhuhuhu....tan awa hulat2 lang lagi...hehehehhehe...pagmakamoney ka pautang ha...hehehhe...jke..

wow..are they so strict? i also bid for every single opp.. oops..i hope they wont ban me.. ok, thanks for informing, i will be careful next..

@ reanaclaire

i don't think they're really strict but it's just me who's abusive! LoL! and i think sometimes its not SR who'll suspend you but i guess the advertisers too.. i think its in their rule not to bid and bid without considering advertiser's requirements.. its really unclear but better follow the rules to be safe!

ang saya! hehe

@ eli

haha.. saya saya tlga! =D

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