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Tuesday, July 29, 2008 

myLot discussion 7.29.08 - 50% cut in SMS charges -- an icing in the SONA? not at all a good news?

i laughed!

i did not watch SONA yesterday but just now, i heard one of the announcements of President Arroyo in her SONA yesterday is the 50 percent cut in text messages fee! its one of her beautiful flowery words yesterday! many rejoiced with this announcement since almost all Filipinos are into mobile texting not to mention Philippines is considered the Text Messaging Capital of the World.

But unfortunately, it was reported just now that the announcement made yesterday during the SONA regarding this matter mislead lots of Filipinos since actually it is only a promo that will last for 3 months!

i just laughed and said what's new?! Filipinos are enjoying unlimited and all text promos of telecommunication companies years ago 'til now, why add such "icing" in her SONA?! are we playing jokes here?!

how do you view it Filipinos?

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