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Saturday, July 12, 2008 

how many more days?!

nothing important to post but i want to post! my adrenaline's so high! i'm so excited! can't wait 'till that day comes! time runs so slow, my God! how many more days i have to wait?! can't sleep, my insomnia's attacking me again thinking about that thingy! hahaha..

tomorrow's sunday... then monday... tuesday... wednesday... thursday... friday... saturday... sunday... monday... tuesday... wednesday... thursday... friday... saturday... sunday...

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Thank You..

kataw anan mani oi....ur like waiting for wastes to excrete.....hehehhehe....comment sa aq blog zel ha...hehehhe

@ may

na-add na nko ang uban pro dili pa tanan! dghana sa imong blogs ui! kaw na jud!

@ tikoy

no probs.. navisit ko na blog mo!
thanks sa blog hop!

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