Wednesday, September 30, 2009 

just another food trip

it's payday and before going home, me and rose just had a simple treat to ourselves.. our stop this time is at annipie, a cinnamon store here in Davao.. wheee.. we just heard annipie offers real delicious cinnamon so me and rose just give it a try..

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human lcd -- simply amazing!

this video simply amazed me! :)

credits to youtube users for uploading this one..
can't locate the original uploader!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009 

reviving my first ever blog -- i'm back!

its been a year since i last updated this blog.. i actually abandoned this one since this page was messed up. i tried to tweak this and follow the html codes to bring it back to how it really looks, but with low patience, i surrender! haha.. but now, out of idleness, i attempted to check the layout codes, i am thinking of reviving the spirit of this first ever blog i created since i joined the blogoshphere.. i was given lots of opportunities with "LizELement" and it helped me a lot, financially, so how the heck i deserted this one?! crazy me! and ooopps, even if this page is a way outdated and almost dying, i am still surprised that the paid-to-blog sites i joined before are still giving me tasks with this blog.. i was not able to grab those tasks since i really decided to leave this blogsite hanging until it dies.. hehe.. that was then! now i'm back, reviving the spirit of LizELement -- the first ever blog i created way back years.

but ei, actually i have 2 new blogs after abandoning this page. ione of which is also named as "lizelement" -- and this time, that's my own domain.. the other one, i call "and i am but a small voice".. please do hop on these blogs too.. tnx!

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