Saturday, March 29, 2008 

trip to samal island

i really got tired these past weeks that's why even i still have things to do, i really decided to join our farewell party to have some break before we enter the world of employment (hopefully not unemployment)! though loaded, i left all my problems and things to do here in davao to enjoy and have fun on our get-together celebration.. anyway, i took most of my time taking pictures of our party venue.. hehe..

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If only people know how to use the internet wisely, Im sure less time will be wasted and the average of the people surfing the internet everyday with nonsense things and activities will be lessen. I'm glad im not anymore one of them since I learn now how to become productive using the power of the internet and how i wish i will become like some people out there who become devenir riche. So you guys, if you are not still aware with how people make money online, here's a website that gives tips on how to earn money even argent facile to gagner de l'argent..

Friday, March 28, 2008 

get into the trend

People are always up to date when it comes to fashion. I guess that's innate in us. Fashion statements can help one feel good and look good that's why the way one dresses is in a way considered an issue. In fact, since fashion is already a part of one's social life, fashion schools are now growing and sprouting nowadays. Many fashion careers are now developed that can help those fashionistas who would always want to be in trend and in fashion. Fashion jobs are actually additional jobs in demand nowadays especially in other countries, they say.




dont have anything to post so let me just paste this
"masterpiece" i've made during my stay in samal..
i made this when i felt idleness inside.. lol!!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008 


few days left!! wheee...

"as we go on
we remember
all the times we
had together
and as our lives change
come whatever
we will still be
friends forever"

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Monday, March 10, 2008 

fashion school

people are having different trends or fashion statements influenced by one mind to another, one culture to another. And since fashion is what people are undeniably looking for every month, every year, fashion schools are slowly sprouting nowdays that i guess children, teen-agers, young adults or even adults are interested to join.. Well, just like the list of fashion schools in california, fashion schools in los angeles, that really focused on in-trend areas in fashion and developing the creative imaginations of young people for the development of another boom fasion trend! Visit Fashion-School-Finder now and see how they can convince you to join them! The site also features the fashion schools in california.



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Sunday, March 2, 2008 

online pool

everything is now offered online especially games.. so you will never be surprise if even all outdoor games can now be played online in the internet and play as if you're really in the real playing environment. just like billiardmagic, the best place to play online pool and play it for free or for real money against people playing in the whole world. cool, right?! so try playing online billiard now, and win special cash prizes... online billiards is one of the numerous online games that people are hooked nowadays.



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online bingo

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Saturday, March 1, 2008 

james allen

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