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Sunday, March 2, 2008 


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  • i really don't know how to describe myself. i might think i am like this and that but i don't know if what i think i am is the same as how i appear to the people. i'm simply complicated as if my life is a mere bluff -- a really BIG BLUFF! i always carry my pessimism with me but i'm trying not to be consumed by my own negativity. see? i'm really complicated! LoL! i always love to think of myself understanding things logically. i like puzzling things out. i want to dissect every premises and formulate my own understanding and eventually a conclusion on a certain matter. that's how i make things complicated! haha.. i don't have lots of experiences, my life is boring, it only have shades of white and black all through the journey but i learn from my few experiences and from others' experiences as well. so even if i still don't have broad experiences as many people do, i want to believe that i'm still able to learn what life really is and now i'm still learning and forever be growing! thanks to the people around me! anyway, welcome to my blog! you may think this is just another nonsense blog -- yeah even i, myself, think that way! but that's ok, after all, this is my page!
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