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Wednesday, July 23, 2008 

PATD and Avril Lavigne live in manila

how i wish i could watch these concerts this upcoming months but that's just too impossible to happen since the concert venue is in manila, as always.. "davao na pud, one time lang! LoL!

Panic at the Disco, previously known as Panic! at the Disco, will invade Manila as part of their world concert tour. its always been a question why they eliminated their famous "!" mark after the word "Panic".. well, see the difference now?! anyway PATD's sounds incorporate elements of pop, punk, big beat, electronica, dance, rock, psychedelic, folk and jazz. at present, they have already released two albums, their 2005 debut "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" that has sold over 2.2 million copies, and their March 2008-released album, "Pretty Odd" which includes its big hit "Nine in the Aftrenoon" and of course my fave, "That Green Gentleman"! I just love their music!

and of course, one of my all time fave, Avril Lavigne.. who would want to miss her concerts, right? but unfortunately, we're not all lucky enough, including me, to be able to watch and listen to her music live.. this September 3 will be her 2nd time to do concert in the Philippines, but this time, she's back with her "Avril Lavigne... The Best Damn Tour".. her very famous and a big hit "The Best Damn Thing" album has already sold more than 5 million copies dated the end of last year.. really cool! this canadian rock singer has really captivated a lot of people with her good music.. one or should i say some of my fave songs by her include "Complicated", "I'm With You", "My Happy Ending" and the recent "Girlfriend" and "When You're Gone"... really good music.. you can't help but sing along with her when her songs are being played in the radio or in the tv.. one of the best! before having a concert here in Pinas, she'll be doing series of concerts with the Jonas Brothers, my another "fave" song artists popular with their "When You Look Me in the Eye".. actually a petition for the JB to hold a concert in Manila is signed by a lot of Filipino JB supporters, but still no sure if approved or not.. well, they're also a big hit here so why not?!

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syang, kelan ba matutuloy ang dave matthews dito?

re your other posts(sinamantala ko na din na andtio ako, hhe) you are not alone kid, mejo nakakagalit nga talga ang desisyyon nilang yun, and, with these "congressmen" monthly allowance and perks, kahet si mang pandoy mabaabdtrip!

@ mel

tnx for the comment!

i only heard DMB will be having series of concerts to raise funds for charity but unfortunately, i don't think they'll include Pinas as one of their concert venues..

i lyk "keep holding on" ni avril

@ ka bute

tnx for dropping by here!

yah, its a nice song too!

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