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Tuesday, July 15, 2008 

government wasting the money of the people?!

im doing myLot yesterday and was just surprise with this discussion created by myLot member, everlasting, under the "Philippines" category... upon reading this discussion, i just started to flame! LOL!!
the discussion goes like this: (edited)
While Typhoon Frank devastated the country and claimed more than 650 lives, including the poor victims of the MV Princess of the Stars sea tragedy, illegitimate President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her 74 junketeers mindlessly spend billions of taxpayers' money to visit Bush and watch Pacquiao fight in the US.


300-5000 - Willard Hotel rate
30 rooms booked
400-500 - Dinner per plate
207++ - Airline rate per person
800-1000 - Rental per car
30 cars rented
250 consulate officials mobilized

P100,000 - each congressman gets monthly travel allowance
P1,620 - travel tax exemption when traveling with the President

the government officials spent USD 1.5 million for their trip to US to visit Bush and to watch the the fight of Pacquiao... isn't it stupid?! we're in calamity these days -- poverty, continued increase of rice and gas price, not to mention the victims of the of typhoon Frank and the recent sea tragedy! such a waste of money! while those 74 government officials enjoyed watching that boxing fight, a lot of Filipino people are standing for so long under the heat of the sun just to avail the limited supply of NFA rice... what a shame?! such a bullnuts! come to think of it, they're spending the money of the people to satisfy their recreational needs?! sorry to use this term but you all are nothing but STUPID ID**TS!
i bet you also receive this kind email guys!
magmigrate na lang lagi ko! haha..

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Before you make "constructive" comments to our government, you should analyze where they'd get this information?. Is it reliable? The President has done much to our country and we all know that!. There are "these" people who are extremely pessimistic that they tend to ignore the positive works of our government. They are BLINDED by their "Pessimism!"

@ steivene

sorry but even if this issue is not that true since i just got it in a discussion site and in my email, please don't deny the fact that CORRUPTION EXISTS IN OUR GOVERNMENT and i hope you know that too! maybe you're right, there are people who are extremely pessimistic, but seems you're extremely optimist in our government huh?!

and you mentioned "the president has done much to our country and we all know that!" --- sorry, I REALLY DON'T KNOW THAT! can you give me some points for me to realize that? because what i always see in this country are the poor people living in the streets as if the streets are their home, the high number of unemployed people these days, the high number of people who prefer to work abroad because they feel financially hopeless in this country even if that means leaving their families here, and what's very common in my eyes these days are the crowd standing for hours just to avail the limited supply of the cheapest rice available not to mention the continued price hike of almost all commodities!

you can't blame people who are pessimist in our country because THE GOVERNMENT's NEGATIVE WORKS AND PERFORMANCE DOMINATE your so-called "positive works of our government"! some people are not actually BLINDED by the "pessimism", but our eyes are just open to the reality!

thanks for the response!

How about asking the people who had benefited the programs given by Arroyo?. I'm sure they'll definitely gonna say the opposite! and you know what?, i'm one of them, for that i thank our President!.

Just for the record, i'm not "extremely pessimistic", i also have my grudges but!! i'm not "TOTALLY BLIND" whining like a kid!. i can still see the good things that she had done.

Like i said, There are "these" people who are extremely pessimistic that they tend to ignore the positive works of our government. They are BLINDED by their "Pessimism!"

good for you to have benefited her program! and bad for me to have not benefited much of it! let me just clarify, i'm not saying you're "extremely pessimistic", rather, its the opposite way around, "extremely optimistic"! but you said it, you also have grudges! not at all applicable. never mind!

you can't blame people to look at the government that way, with how difficult to support a living now, with the population of people in poverty or even some, in below poverty line.. but of course, we know they have done something good too but not as many as the ones with negative effects to the people..

this issue was spread the same time as that issue of P200 million budget for the preparation of the SONA.. i don't know if you're aware of that! well, the common denominator of the the two issues is the unwise and improper use of public money! two issues at the same time, who would not flame up knowing it?! our point here is, we're really in crisis nowadays, why use public funds to unnecessary things. the money can be benefited by a lot of people if used, allocated and distributed properly. taxes paid by the people should be used to satisfy public interest where the majority can benefit! and i bet you know the agreement between the government and the people who's responsible in setting up the government! simple, people/majority abide by that tax-rule imposed by the government, and in return the people will expect the government to use the money for majority's satisfaction..

I can go on a whole day debating at you but it would just be pointless. I said it twice but i'm gonna say it again, There are "these" people who are extremely pessimistic that they tend to ignore the positive works of our government. They are BLINDED by their "Pessimism!"

Even you said "but of course, we know they have done something good too" that's exactly my point. Therefore you cannot say that the Government is just wasting money!. Why do people always dwell on the negative things? I just don't get it!. It won't get you anywhere dear.

I guess this saying sums up everything:"You can't please them all"...FIN!

and i quote what you quote: "we know they have done SOMETHING good too".... i guess you cut my whole sentence! that must have a continuation, right?! "but not as many as the ones with negative effects to the people.." you should have quoted the whole sentence to get exactly what i mean!

and having done SOMETHING good does not necessarily give you the idea that (i quote) "you cannot say that the Government is just wasting money"!

.. you really cant please everybody so believe what you believe and we, especially i who's making a "constructive" comment to our government (as you judged me that way), will believe what we believe!


thanks for the response steive, atleast i know somebody's visiting my page!

Alam naman natin kung gaano kabulok ang karamihan ng mga pulitiko sa bansa. Kahit literal na bulag ay alam yan!!!

Ganun pa man,isa sa nagustuhan kong ginawa ni GMA ay ang pagliligtas sa OFW na kinidnap at muntik ng mapugutan ng ulo at yung isa pang nagkasala sa bansang Arabya.

Siya palang ang gumawa nun.

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