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Saturday, September 22, 2007 

the cry of the innocents

someone had sent me an email just this afternoon showing some pictures of aborted fetus/child.. i really never expected and realized before that this is what actually happens to a child killed INTENTIONALLY in its mother's womb..

the life of a human being, including the unborn child, is precious in the eyes of God. and as a christian we are taught not to kill or commit murder, that's actually the 6th rule God has commanded us which concerns the protection of human life..

but i guess abortion, the deliberate killing of unborn child, is the greatest evil deed existing nowadays. The innocents, the unwanted, the unloved are crying and asking for help and protection because they want to see the beauty of life, the beauty of the world that God had created. but the evil act of killing them when they are still in the womb of its mother hinders them to realize their existence. They never had the chance to be happy, to play, to laugh..

I cant understand why there are people who can dare to kill their own child?! sad thing but that's a fact.. i just hope all of you who have read this is not among those that committed this serious and heinous crime or at least planned or is planning to do this stupid thing.. if you did well, SHAME ON YOU!!!

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jeez.. this is insane.. i wonder y any1 wud do that :(

leiz,gipost jud nimo pics? Looy jud au..ala nko dare open sa email nga gisend sa ako.

Grabe toh..... Pinaiyak mo ko...

I once knew such cruel mother.. I hope whoever aborted their babies will go insane and kill themselves!!

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