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Thursday, September 13, 2007 

popcorn lung disease

"Microvable popcorn fumes may cause lung cancer".. yes, i have actually read that line from google headline news just last week.. and upon reading the news title, i really cant figure it out how a popcorn can cause a serious and dangerous disease, the commonly called big C, or simply cancer.. but anyway, according to my readings, one pulmonary specialist believed that his certain patient developed lung disease from the fumes of microwavable popcorn that he consumed almost everyday for one year.. there i realized the disease was not actually developed because of too much eating of popcorn but a too much exposure to the chemical fumes.. though a doctor said that they cant really confirm that the patient's exposure to butter flavored popcorn from daily preparation has really caused his lung cancer, the doctor also explained they dont have any plausible reasons how the disease was developed in the patient's system..

as quoted from the google news, the doctors are just alerting the people with this:
"exposure to food flavor chemicals is not just killing workers, but may also be causing disease in people exposed to food flavor chemicals in their kitchens"..

chemicals can really be harmful so be careful in exposing too much to the chemicals around you, this goes especially to workers exposed to chemicals used in foods..

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WOW thats crazy thought, We could ge cancer from over exposure to the microwave Geesh.

Thanx for the info

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