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Tuesday, September 4, 2007 

quoted from candy

sometimes you have to wonder if nice guys really exist or at least are they as rare as a doggie with six legs -- you hardly can find one and even if you do, you're never quite sure just how much of an angel he really is.. LOL!!

most of the time, its in the little everyday moments that you'll get to see how genuinely nice a guy is -- the things he does when he thinks no one notices because they really, truly come naturally to him: the way he'd stay on the danger side when you're crossing the street, how he baby his younger sister, how he greets the school's security guard with a fine smile, how he express his frustration in a clean and calm manner.. look beyond the nice shirts and hi-tech cellphone. When you find someone whose actions outshine his appearance, you'll know you've found someone who's worth the long wait, painstaking search for the elusive Mr. Nice Guy..

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hmmm, is saying that "i share your sentiments" is an understatement. LOL!

the good guys are mostly taken.

hey, the middle part of your post, does it talk about a specific guy? LOL

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