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Monday, September 3, 2007 

socially inactive..

i really want to make a difference in my simple life.. i easily get jealous to youth who take time to be active in their respective communities -- volunteering in some community works, reaching out to others in need, talking to different people primarily the poor one who could really move us with their life stories..

well actually i did it when im still in high school, i've experienced interacting with people who are really unfortunate in their life. and now i just miss those days when i got to impart basic knowledge to some unfortunate street children, when i got to fed those old people in the home for the aged -- simple things that would really make me feel totally good..

those people indeed made me realize how fortunate i am even though i dont have too much of everything -- too much of money, luxuries, etc.. the thing that i can eat atleast three times a day, nobody's sick in the family, i live in a decent subdivision, i am studying in a good university -- well i guess i should be thankful for that..

so sad that i never got the chance to do those things now.. but excuse me..?! never got the chance or never grab the chance?! hhmmmm... admittedly, never grab it.. LOL..!

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