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Monday, September 3, 2007 

'd OK SHOW of killerbee 89.1

i am currently listening to killerbee's OK Show with Rod.. actually i've been listening to the funniest radio tandem i've ever known, Rod Rodriguez and Iceman, for almost a year now.. the two guys are really crazy yet so intelligent.. i just cant help it, but laugh and laugh and laugh to the loudest voice i can when listening to those crazy and funny conversations they have every night (mondays-fridays).. anything under the sun, serious talks or nonsense one, they will never make you feel bored, promise..!

anyway, its just so sad that last august 31, 2007, iceman resigned to killerbee 89.1 and have left the country to stay with his wife in japan.. Rod is a great DJ but its really different when two heads are airing every night -- its a lot more fun..

well, hope to hear more of that Rod-Iceman tandem plus the intelligent, crazy talks and ideas shared by Atty T, a lawyer and a killerbee fanatic who usually adds up to the spice of the show..

for now, rock us up Rod..! i will always be a killerbee listener..

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