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Wednesday, September 5, 2007 

World Rabies Day

September 8, 2007 has been declared as the World Rabies Day. A lot of activities and events will take place around the world including anti rabies vaccination for the animals most likely the dogs and cats. Furthermore, some organizations will do some lectures in order to give awareness of this dangerous disease.

As quoted by Stephen J. Scholand, MD, Co-director of A Rabies Free World, Inc.:

Rabies Free World is focusing its efforts on a program "Swim for a rabies free Philippines" in partnership with the Philippine Department of Health, the Bureau of Animal Health and Industry and other local organizations. The Philippines is badly affected by rabies, with several hundred recorded human deaths per year. Thousands more are afflicted with the fear, pain and suffering of anti-rabies treatment following animal bite injuries. Additionally, countless animals suffer from rabies needlessly. Rabies can be prevented at the most basic level by dog and cat vaccination, which costs little more than one dollar. Experts have estimated it would only cost about 8 million dollars to eradicate rabies from the Philippines. What is lacking is global awareness of the scope of this problem. World Rabies Day plans to focus attention on the rabies problem, so we can rid ourselves of this scourge once and for all.

so lets all be aware of this and participate just by bringing our pets to the nearest designated area where anti-rabies vaccination takes place.. this is a world wide event and vaccinations are i think for free..

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It is a good program.In India to a number of people are affected by Rabies and Number of street dogs need to be controlled by effective programs.

Well, I didn't know that today was Rabies day but, I have a dog, and its immunised against rabies. Picked yo blog from mylot.

hi, I'm from mylot :) ..just visiting your blog ^___^ ..wish I could participate in this if I'm in the same country and if I have a pet lol. I love cats but don't have any..

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