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Saturday, September 8, 2007 - get addicted and earn money

i've been a member of mylot community for few months now.. interested as i am to the program, cant really help it but get myself involve habitually in replying to an ample interesting topics or even start some discussions stuck in my mind.. indeed, its quite addicting.. i am claiming it really kills my time just reading and replying to discussions posted there but hey, what's even more interesting is that i am earning from this addiction..

so here i am inviting you all to join this growing online community and use this hobby to make money.. just participate on discussions you find interesting.. thousand and million topics are posted all throughout the site or if you want, you can even start your own discussion and let mylotters respond to whatever topic you have posted..

just give it a try and enjoy it as i do..

you can start participating in mylot by registering an account through the link below..

hope you can make it and get in trend online..

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My purpose is to help fellow bloggers to get the tools to help them earn more online.

I am glad you actually learn something new, I hope I can learn something from you too.

I appreciate that you drop by to give comments as well as clicking on my ads

Might I suggest a recipocrate link for our site.

Hi I'm also a member of mylot I love it.
I recently just joined another site thats similar but only better with lifetime commisions.
Heres my link if your interested in joining.

Hope to see you there.

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