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Friday, September 28, 2007 

nonsense arguments..

i guess some non-christian mylotters are trying to contradict every idea and thought i have responded in a discussion about the illegality of abortion and the innocence of an unborn child.. i tried to understand their points but i just dont really get it right.. we really have different points of view which really lead us to some arguments.. they dont understand my premises and i dont think they even tried to. Maybe some of my points are not that right but still i'll stand and stick with my own view for that particular discussion..

one funny yet stupid reason why they stand for the legality
of abortion is this, quoted:
"Do you cry everytime you squash a bug, or disinfect
your counter, or take antibiotics? Bugs and bacteria are alive, but
killing them isn't murder, wrong or illegal."

how could they ask me such nonsense question?! how could they compare the value of human life to bacteria, bugs, whatsoever unholy?! crazy, right?!

anyway, to view more of the discussion i've been talking about, just visit the link:

my reply to the topic is posted in the 3rd page of the discussion..

just really got pissed off..!!

if ever you have visited the link, please share your views here.. your views will help me understand more about my premises and their premises that really contradict..

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hey that is crazy..wots the point of comparision here anyways ? squishing a bug is compared to killing someone ......

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog , I see you're a mylot user too then. Let's make friends. My user name is retsu782000. Yep, there are a bunch of people in mylot, but don't bother getting piss on them anyway. Just make it a good time posting to earn more ;)

your post about abortion has been deleted by mylot. i checked it but nowhere to be found i am sorry this has happened to you. mylot discourages members from raising up this kind of issue such as abortion. there are a lot of discussions pertaining to abortion that have been deleted before because of its negativities to some members.

hi ryanphil.. thanks for visiting my page.. i have dropped some reply to your commment here in your page..

but it was after i have commented that i tried to check the link i have posted in my blog, and found out it is still there.. it was not deleted.. or never deleted yet, as of now.. hehehe..

elow!hehe![walang pakialaman kung magtagalog ako ha!mabuti na din yun kaysa ang magenglish ng baluktot...hehe]yun nga minsan ang isang nakakatakot sa ibang tao eh...di u lam kung ano ang takbo ng utak...nangyari na rin sa kin yan, and promise natakot ako sa kanya kaya di na ko naglolog-in dun sa site na yun...well, lahat naman tayo may kanya kanyang paniniwala eh, respect na lang ntin yun sa kanila kahit di natin magets...

nag respond rin ako sa isang abortion topic dun. nainis din ako kasi ibinibigay ko lang naman yung personal stand ko tapos inaway ba naman ako at pinagtulungan. kakainis. personally i think stupid nga na they defend the rights of dogs pero mga unborn babies okay lang sa kanila ipa abort. talagang idiotic! anyway i feel great na may kapareho rin pala ako ng stand

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