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Friday, May 9, 2008 

stranger's note

question and answer.. just killing the time..

how's life?
--->so good outside, so bad inside.. :c

what are your recent activities?
--->job hunting with a bit strolling! hehe..

what are your favorite books?
--->drop the question! never a bookworm!

what's the song being played in your mp3 at the moment?

what was the last song that kept ringing on your mind?

do you have many friends
--->friends by name?! yah.. true friends? hhhmmm... cguro?!

have you gone to the beach this summer?
--->yup.. with college friends..

what would you like right at this moment which seems totally impossible?
--->to be in taiwan..

do you agree in the saying "to forgive is to forget"?
--->nope! its easy to forgive but so hard to forget..

who will you turn to if you have a huge problem?
--->i always keep it in myself (kaya ganun answer ko sa #1 question).. newei, JC is always there!

when was the last time tears started to roll down your cheek?
--->last monday night, may5

what are you praying for yourself every night?
--->peace of mind?

do you lie?
--->yah.. usually protective lie!

what kind of people annoys you a lot?
--->socially insecure person-seeking for instant popularity.. SIP-SIP in short!

what's the most striking line you heard?
--->"don't you really have emotion or are you just afraid of getting hurt?".. dah! bow! haha..

what is the hardest feeling for you?
--->feeling of regrets

what makes you frustrated?
--->broken words/promises! dami nun! a lot of stupid lies and it s*cks even the petty ones!

have you ever felt that you've been taken for granted?
--->several times..

thing/s you regret?
--->so many!

what's the sentence/s that lingers in your mind right now?
--->avoiding is worst than making a wrong decision.. (line from hana kimi)

have you hurt somebody in the past?
--->yah.. cguro.. sorry!

what makes you realize your worth?
--->a personal text message from a friend that i will forever cherish.. tnx ella

are you keeping something in yourself, a secret maybe?
--->yah.. very serious one! and i'll just break my silence when im ready to hurt a lot of people dear to me..

what's in your mind today?
--->im tired talking to people who don't believe me at all those that always contradict every reason i have, every word i say) that's why i better SHUT UP..

what do you want to do these days?
--->try independent living so i'll know how far can i go..

what will you do to fulfill your dream?
--->at present? i dunno.. my worries hinder my plans, my wish, dream, my goal, everything! :c

what's next in your life's episode?
--->dull.... empty.... plain.... so many plans yet so many hindrances! but its ok..

if i'll open your heart, what will i expect?
--->blood?! haha.. eehhhmmm... love, hatred, pain, anger, worries, dreams

so far, how's journeying life?
---> i will survive! wheew!

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