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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 

hana kimi taiwan

i just finish watching the 15 episodes of hana kimi taiwan.. had fun watching the cute exaggerated acting of jiro wang, can't help it but laugh and laugh and laugh when he's on the screen.. lol! anyway, the ending of this series is kind'a hanging, looking forward on its season 2. i just don't know if there's any but i guess there's none.. ;c

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ya..i love hana kimi , especially this taiwan version,,I like the teamp up of Joey(Ella Chen) and Wu Chun (Bryan),,and i like also the character of Wesley(Jiro Wang).He is so funny...And the story is very romantic and very funny..

And by the way tnx for visiting my blog..i hope that u will visit my blog again..and i hav also a post about hana kimi in my blog.

wow.... love na love ko po yang hk taiwan, san n'yo po nakita yung buong episode ng hk?

i prefer taiwan version than the one in japan,, i also love the casts in hana kini taiwan ella bryan jiro danson and the dog

Oh and oh.... i love the Japanese version more. =P

anyway, just visiting.... nice blog.
Hope to see more of you around. Have a nice day!


Ei!!! Thankz 4 visiting my BLOG!!!!!

I love HANA KIMI TAIWAN though I expect a better ENDING..... Hope there's still a PART2!!! hehehehe

@ aiza
tnx for the return visit!

visit they have it there!

@ anonymous..
tnx for d comment..

i havnt seen the japanese version of hana kimi but im planning to watch it.. hehe.. tnx for dropping some comment!

@ rh3an

yah.. the ending is really hanging.. i just dont know if the petition passed to have hk season 2was approved..:c

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