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Sunday, February 17, 2008 

full hope

its good i attended the holy mass early this morning to refresh my mind. i can really relate to everything that was said in a 40-minute long homily of Fr. Voltaire. It's all about discouragement, despair, desperation, worries, revenge, temptation, anger, hatred which i admittedly almost felt these past days. i should have accepted mama's offer to go with her in manila and atleast find time to strengthen my weaken mind but some things are just popping out my mind. i have to work on my thesis for our supposed-to-be-upcoming final defense (our group decided to postpone it this time), i dont know how to react in case i'll meet this certain stupid bitch in manila which i think will probably be a nightmare for me, and i dont want to see my sister to leave (naks! drama!).. i really got lot of things in my mind, lot of worries, not only in our thesis and any other school works but personally, im carrying more serious worries and should i say private matters to attend to.. lol!

but with Fr. Voltaire's last words in his homily this morning, i will be walking on with full hope in my life!

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God Bless!!!

All worries be filled with great joy if you could find the true happiness that you have been looking for.

Everything may seems to be uncertain yet always remember that all of them has their own purpose and lessons to ponder.

Always hold on to God and never give up, for the true reward in life is not about the self-satisfaction and glory but being happy to everything you do no matter the consequence. For it is not about: The End Justifies The Means but it is about: The Means Justifies The End.

Happy journey in life...

@ a friend
thanks for that meaningful message!

happy journey in life too!

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