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Saturday, December 22, 2007 

i surrender!

i am supposed to join clan B's get together christmas party this night.. days before this day, i am really excited to hang-out with my classmates since i was not able to party with them for quite some time everytime they go out and and take some break from school.. but damn, unexpected thing happened.. got another bad day, a very very bad day!.. its as if i am being crashed into pieces.. some may say i over reacted but i just dont know what to do since i never experience stupid things like this before as a student.. i dont excel in school but i make sure i will not also fail or even hang with that 75% grade.. so here i am now, preferred to go home and sit in front of this computer than party with my friends knowing something in me had been crashed.. (though guys, i want to be there with all of you, promise!)

i know how to value things, i know how to value one's effort, but some people dont even bothered to value mine! whatever, im over and i SURRENDER!

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just leave it there leizl..dont do anything stupid.. ok?? just do your thing,atleast you've proved to do your stuff...k??

@ carl

serious huh?! just need to calm myself down and i'll be ok.. hehehe.. tnx for the comment..

hi leiz...though not everybody seems to value you and your effort..count me as one of those who value you much..anyway, i dropped by to greet and hopefully you'll still have a merry christmas with all your loved ones even how tough things that transpired the past few days...take care...God bless.

@ grace

thanx sa sympathy and concern ninyo that time, i really appreciate it..

merry xmas and a prosperous new year to you and your family grace..

The secret to be happy is to be happy.

Yes, there really are many reasons why we get sad and down; but there are more reasons why we should be happy and celebrate.

We are blessed by God with caring people, not all maybe but most.

Learn to appreciate God in your life through your family, loved ones and friends...

You should continue to live life even there are so much trials...
we shared them with Jesus as we shared His salvation to all of us.


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