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Friday, January 25, 2008 

MCR concert

it's already January 25, 2008 - 8:00pm - My Chemical Romance is probably performing on stage now entertaining their fans in Manila. unfortunately i'm far from the concert site, so haven't got the chance to see and listen to MCR live.. geezzz... how i wish i'm there, howling and partying with the crowd in Fort Bonifacio, listening to the alternative rock band performing there. lol!!

MCR's teenager was actually the first multimedia i added to my friendster profile page, i love it, really! and guess what?! this is some kind'a funny for me! even my mother can memorize some of the lyrics of the song and she sings along with it everytime i play it here in my pc! lol!! well im not really a fanatic of My Chemical Romance but i love listening to some of their songs.. not convinced because you may think i dont look like one?! haha.. my looks doesn't show my likes! bleeehh...! i like listen'ng to their songs and that's it, period..

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Ay.. I like this band. I love some of their songs, most of their songs actually.

I saw their MTV live concert few days ago and it was great. ;)

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